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Secure your website with FIFWEBSTUDIO Web Security Beta - 6D Global Security.
Web Security Beta specifications:

URL variable and variable+value to allow access to only those who pass the URL test

  • These are actually called query parameters in the URI RFC, but many call them variables.
  • Web Security Alpha prevents invalid characters from being entered into the variable or the value (if used), preventing a lock-out situation where an admin has entered an impossible to use value.

Protect your /administrator folder with an extra password

Protect your /administrator Username with Authorisator

Multiple failure options

  • Visitors who fail the URL test can be sent to one of two pre-defined locations or a custom URL.

Restrict some groups from accessing the website via the front-end

  • Some admins may wish to have certain accounts designated for use only within /administrator - preventing these accounts from being exposed in the front-end.

Email the current /administrator URL to authorized users

IPv4 and iPv6 white and black lists

  • Capable of individual addresses, or utilizing CIDR netmask to designate entire networks
  • The PHP GMP library is required to utilize IPv6 addresses
  • Email attack notification option

Block access to specific countries

Brute Force detection and automatic blocking

  • Email attack notification option

Customised .htaccess file

Scan your files for malware

Check your core files for integrity

Find and fix insecure file and folder permissions

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Web Security Beta

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