5 Joomla Tips to Improve SEO

When building a public website, traffic is always a concern. We want people find our site through Google and maybe monetize our blog posts with AdSense.
In this post FIFWEBSTUDIO will share with you 5 tips to improve the SEO of your Joomla site.

One h1 tag per page

The title of single article pages is a good example of h1 usage, due summarize the content of that url.

By checking the source code of every page (Ctrl + F in Firefox), check how many h1 tags exists. If you detect more than one, keep one and convert the others into h2 or h3.

Note: if the duplicated tags comes from the template files, it will require support from the developer, however template overrides can works as alternative.

Remove index.php/ from the urls

By just enabling SEF URLs in Joomla 3, every internal link may include "index.php/" after the domain.

For example: http://mysite.com/index.php/sample-link/

To get rid of that string, through FTP or File manager (in cPanel), rename htaccess.txt into .htaccess - Look for that file in the base location, commonly inside public_html/ folder depending of your server.

  • Edit .htaccess with a code editor

  • Look for the line below:

# RewriteBase /

  • Remove "#" and save changes:

RewriteBase /

Refresh your front-end to confirm the urls doesn’t include index.php/

For example: http://mysite.com/sample-link/

Note: if this suggestion doesn't work, check if mod rewrite is enabled in your server.

Lighter images

A couple of online services to make our images lighter and keep the quality are:

Your other option is to Download Shrink-O-Matic on your computer.

Why is important to reduce the size of an image?
The lighter the images, the faster a website loads. Speed matters!

Use canonical links for duplicated contents

If you have two urls that include the same content, for example the same article linked in two menu items. This will generate two different URLs, which means duplicated content.

You can use canonical URLs to tell Google which of those URLs to index and ignore the other.

There are great plugins available through the JED to extend this feature partially available in the Joomla core. Use "canonical urls" in your search.

Create a sitemap

This is basic. A sitemap will speed up the process of having our content indexed in search engines. Luckily, you can find great extensions to create and maintain a XML file to send to Google Search console and other search engines.

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